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  • High Quality Proxy

    Lucproxy is world-renowned proxy network platform provides thousands of Internet companies and individuals with IP services in more than 200 countries around the world.

    The Biggest Advantage

    The biggest advantage of Lucproxy is mobile phone proxy and residential proxy. We use distributed indexing system to collect IP information of information equipment, and all users are authorized to use it.

    Data Extraction

    Lucproxy can provide companies with data extraction, online retailers to collect and compare price information, and top websites around the world to test their websites.

24/7 Online Support concurrent requests, multiple IPs send countless requests at the same time and collect data at the fastest speed, providing 24/7 online customer service technical support and free trial for one week.
Data Extraction Advertising networks are used to combat advertising fraud and malicious activities; Network security companies are used to ensure that websites do not contain malware and many other scenarios.
Data Leadership Our team is driven by leading data experts to support our customers and continue to innovate. We are committed to building a more fair and transparent network.
Mission Lucproxy has a mission to provide the highest quality proxies for public data access and any other lawful usage without tiring and slow processes.
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