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Rotating Residential Proxy Introduction

About the Residential Proxy, different proxy provider will be with different proxy features In order to make all of Lucproxy users know Lucproxy Residential. Here we will check more information about Lucproxy Residential Proxy

There are two modes for Lucproxy Residential Proxy. One is the Standard Mode , and another is the Password Mode . You can find them in the Lucproxy Dashboard

Standard Mode:

Under this mode, you can get the IP : Port format . Two methods for users’ getting, which include getting them from the dashboard directly and via API .

The proxy sticky time has been customized by the different time. The max time can reach 2 hours. There are the 60s, 180s, 300s, 600s, 900s, 1800s , 3600s , 5400s and 7200s .

About the IP quantity, you can get the IP list, when you put the quantities number. When you use our proxy,please remember to put your source IP to the whithlist. In case that you can not get the IP and Port .

Under the Standard Mode, during you use it, it is limited by the whithelist . So please make sure your source IP stable. It is changed too much to interrupt the proxy connection.

Password Mode:

If you need the Username: Password format, we suggest that you choose the password mode. Then you can get the IP:Port:Username:Password format . No limited Concurrent . You can get the IPs list from dashboard directly. The API access is also available .

Proxy sticky time supports the “Auto” and customized time. You can change the IP via our signEQ Number. About the “Auto” sticky time, which can keep working until you stop it. If your business require the proxies to continue working, we suggest that you choose the “Auto” sticky time.

You can choose the Mix Rotating IPs from worldwide. If you want the worldwide IPs to support your business. We suggest that you choose the “anyone” under the country.

Lucproxy can support the free trial for the Residential Proxies first. Start Now

John Wilson
We have been using Lucproxy for almost a year now. It supplies more than 30 millions residential IP proxy services, fast response. Integrating easily and offering a variety of solutions.
Alan Arkin
We've been working with Lucproxy for a little over a year. These proxies are the highest quality product on the proxy market, high speed connection and importantly It’s pretty safe.
Walter Brennan
Lucproxy offered a great service, Proxy lasts long and stable.They are professional,worth it!
Richard Burton
We have been using Lucproxy for a long time. Lucproxy supports many use-cases, making data extraction more efficient. Good usage monitoring and expense control - are key elements for us.
Diahann Carroll
Lucproxy is a famous proxy network platform, we have been using for hundreds of IPsWe can use any coding language ,love it!
Gary Cooper
Lucproxy seems like the best service we have seen to-date. The company has been very responsive to our needs even though we are a small customer.