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Case studies

Rotating Residential Proxy Introduction

About the Residential Proxy, different proxy provider will be with different proxy features In order to make all of Lucproxy users know Lucproxy Residential. Here we will check more information about Lucproxy Residential Proxy

Standard Mode:Under this mode, you can get the IP : Port format . Two methods for users’ getting, which include getting them from the dashboard directly and via API .

Password Mode:If you need the Username: Password format, we suggest that you choose the password mode. Then you can get the IP:Port:Username:Password format . No limited Concurrent . You can get the IPs list from dashboard directly. The API access is also available .

Sneaker Shopping

Case: Most of the persons cop the sneaker when there are the latest styles or limited-edition. Then they can resell them to persons who are interested in them and make the money.

Difficulties:If they don’t use any bots, there is little chance to cop any sneakers. So there are some sneaker bots to help them get the sneakers. But sometimes if the bots delay a millisecond,which will crush opportunity to order the sneakers.

How does Lucproxy help solve this question?The sneaker bots combined with Lucproxy Rotated Residential IPs , which can help them cop the sneakers with much more chances compare with only match the sneaker bots. The Rotated Residential IPs will always be changed, which will prevent from blocking their account. Lucproxy Rotated Residential IPs are authorized by the real users. It is much more safety .


Case: In E-commerce Industry , all the suppliers want to know more information about their competitors,especially for competitors’ price.

Difficulties:When they collect the information from websites or other B to B platforms. Their IPs sometimes will be blocked. They can not own the researching data in short time . It will be difficult for them to scrap the data. Due to there are no enough IPs for their choosing .

How does Lucproxy help solve problems?Lucproxy’s Residential Proxy and mobile proxies from different countries for the e-commerce suppliers choosing, all of them are authorized by real users . They can help the suppliers finish their scraping operations without blocking in short time . They can run in the internet easily.

Social Media

Case: There will be different customers from different areas in the digital marketing company. One of the important marketing channels is the social media.

Difficulties:When the company help their customers manage the different social medias accounts. There will be huge accounts required for the marketing company. And it is very easy to be blocked for the social media. They need different real IPs from worldwide.

How does Lucproxy help solve these problems ?Lucproxy can provide the static Proxy. It will help them solve these problems. There will be the different static proxies from different countries. And all of them are the exclusive IPs.

Digital Marketing in global markets

Case: For digital marketing company or department , they need to manage many different campaigns or even affiliate campaign .

Difficulties:It is difficult for persons who manage the campaign link . They need to test it before the campaign online and ensure it works for different place people who participate this campaign.

How does Lucproxy help solve this ?Lucproxy residential proxy and mobile proxy from worldwide will help verify the affiliate links and campaigns. The geographically targeted IP addresses will help them check localized affiliate content and affiliate tracking. And they will know their affiliate program trustworthy or not and will help them save a lot time.