Use Cases
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  • API tool

    Integrating proxy ip by API kit,you can use any coding language. We have demo for your reference, and you can also check the doc. at account management page.
    Easily handle:Using your code visits LucproxyAPI, only choose your preferred setting,flexible usage.
    Strong functions: Supporting visit any country any city, supporting several requests and same time reply, super stable.
    Integrating any system: Lucproxy business API can connect with any robot, crawler and other current port.
  • Lucproxy android & IOS

    A front-end proxy compiler, which can customize situation development, this is useful for the speed development and deployment time.
    It will be available soon.
  • Chrome plug

    By installing the plug at Chrome browser’s toolbar, you can fastly and easily use IPs, Like dynamic IP 、static IP and data center’s IP.