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Quick Start

Lucproxy Using Process

  • 1. Get Account Amount
    Free Trial Application: Email / Skype
  • 2. Get IP (Standard Mode Or Password Mode)
    Get IP via Lucproxy Dashboard directly
    Get IP Format( IP:Port) via Standard API
    Get IP Format (Username, Password, Host and Port) via Password API
  • 3. Configure Proxy
    Configure Proxy with different Methods: Lucproxy Extension, Proxy Tool, Password API
  • 4.Add Whitelist
    Make sure your Source IP is added with correct methods. Please details for the adding methods


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Proxies Using Guidance

1. The Methods for getting the IPs and Ports

  • I. Get the IPs from Lucproxy Dashboard directly

    a. “Add”the Proxy “Zone” and “Export” it in the Network Page
    b. Export Proxy
    Fill the Required Information , “Submit” and “Add Whitelist”, then get the IPs and Ports
    C. Configure the Proxy to execute your business You can configure the proxies via following methods
  • You can configure the proxies via following methods

    1. Your own software tool
    2. Lucproxy Extension
    4. API: None Standard Mode API
    In addition, the Residential Proxies, Residential Proxies Pro and Mobile Proxies can support the Password mode, which can be gotten the“Username”“Password”“Host / IP” and“Port”
    Please choose the “Password” in the Export Proxy Page
    Learn More Information about Password Mode
  • II. Get the IP via API

    It is used for the technology persons.You can connect the Lucproxy API system and get the real time IPs and Ports, then execute them into your business directly.
    Standard Mode API
    Password Mode API

2. Chrome Browser Extension Using Steps

  • 1. Choose the “Extension” under the APP Page in the Left of the Dashboard

  • 2. Sign In

  • 3. Fill the Corresponding Information and “Turn On”

Account and Billing

Payment Methods

We can accept the Credit Card , Paypal , Cryptocurrency and Alipay. You can choose the “Account Balance “ ,which is the “Pay as you go” . And you also can choose the “ Pricing Plan”,which is the Monthly Consumption.

Note: we suggest that you can store a little Amount in your Lucproxy Account Balance.In case that due to lack of funding in your account to interrupt your business executing .

Pricing Plan Mode and Account Balance Mode

  • Pricing Plan Mode: Pay-By-Monthly

    Note: You need to use the payment within one month under the Pricing Plan Mode. If you don’t use them up within the month. The payment will be cleaned up next month. If you need pend the Pricing Plan time, please contact us before your Plan ended 3-5 days. Email / Skype

  • Account Balance Mode : Pay as You Go

    Note: It is just charged from you according to your traffic usage . The Balance will be valid forever.

    The consumption details for these two modes, please check it “here”

What Products can you use after you do the payment ?

  • You can use all kinds of proxies from Lucproxy, as soon as there is the balance in your account.

Trouble Shooting

1. The whitelist can be deleted or added in the dashboard

Please check whether your Device IP is always changed or not . Please make sure your IP can not be changed frequently. If it is not, please contact us Email / Skype

2. The IP can not be changed under Password Mode

Please check whether you change the “uid” or the “SignEQ number” in the password If you have already changed them, the problem is still here, please contact us Email / Skype

3. The “ IP “ and “Port” cannot be exported

  • a. Please if there is any balance in your Account

  • b. Please check whether you can get the other countries IPs and Ports or not. If not , please contact us Email / Skype

4. You cannot connect the Internet, when use the proxies tool

  • a. Please confirm whether there is internet in your location now. There must be with the WIFI.

  • b. Please check the Proxies Tool whether it is Turned On or not . The Proxies Tool need be Turned On.

  • c. Please confirm whether there is other Proxies tool or VPN are Turned On . The Other Proxies Tool or VPN are need Turned OFF

  • d. Please check the protocol whether it is same with the protocol that you got from Lucproxy. The Protocol is need to be coincided.

  • After above checking, you still have the problem, please contact us Email / Skype

5. Your website cannot be loaded.

  • a. Please check the other website,whether they can be loaded or not . If it is, there is the problems for your website.

  • b. If the other websites cannot be loaded. Please “c” and “d” from the question 4 “You cannot connect the Internet, when use the proxies tool ‘

6. Your Whitelist IP doesn’t change, but the system remind you add the New “ Whitelist IP”

Please check whether you connect with the other proxies or VPN , if it is, please Turn off them. If it is not, please contact us Email / Skype

FAQ: Common Problems

1. How many kinds of proxies from Lucproxy ?

There are 4 kinds of proxies from Lucproxy, including Residential Proxy, Mobile Proxy, Static Residential Proxy and Data center.

2. What are the Password Mode ?

    For the Residential Proxy, Residential Proxy Pro and Mobile Proxy . There are the Password Mode and Standard Mode .

    Under the Password Mode, you can get the “User Name” “ Password” “Host/IP” and “Port” About the IP’s Time can be changed automatically or you can define the IP’s time by yourself

  • 2.1 IP’s Time changed Automatically

    The proxy will be always connected,except that you stop it . During the connection, the front end IP will be always changed. And under the Password Mode, it is not limited by the whitelist. If your Device IP is always changed. We suggest that you choose this mode.

  • 2.2 Define the IP’s Time by yourself

    You can define the Time of each IPs by yourself. As soon as the Time is Up, it will be changed to the next IP, which is new IP that does not repeated with the old ones from the same country.

    You can change the IP by yourself via the Password Mode API or change the “uid” “ SignEQ “ number in the password . For the details, please check the “ Password Mode API”

  • 2.3 The getting Methods:

    Via Export Proxy Page on Lucproxy Dashboard or Via Password API

3. What are the settlement methods for each of the proxies ?

  • 3.1 The Residential Proxy and Mobile Proxy are charged via traffic (gb) that you use. And the quantities of proxies are not limited.

  • 3.2 Static Residential Proxy and Data Center are charged IPs quantities that you buy and the traffic (gb) that you use. There are the Exclusive IP and Shared IP for the Residential Proxies. They are with different unit price.

4. How to buy and start using ?

First, please make sure there are the balance in your account . You can recharge it via the Balance Account (Pay as you go ) or you can order it via the Pricing Plan (Monthly Bill)

Second, you can start using, for the specific steps,please check the Proxies Using Guidance

5. What Payment Methods are supported ?

We can support the Credict Card , Paypal , Cryptocurrency and Alipay.

6. How to get an Invoice ?

Log in to the dashboard, apply for an invoice on the recharge page, and apply on a monthly basis

7. What should I do ? If I cannot receive the verification Code, when I register Lucproxy.

  • 1. Please check your spam mail first.

  • 2. In order to ensure that you can receive mail normally, please add the mail to the whitelist of your mailbox